With the shortage of property coming on to the market pushing prices ever higher in Bristol, homes are often snapped up faster than you can say

11 Mar 2017

This is an article that featured in the Bristol Evening Post on 9 March 2016.


To be in with the best chance of bagging the right home and the right price, buyers need to present themselves in the best possible light – with their own house sold and their mortgage in place. They will also need to be quick off the mark when it comes to searching for and viewing properties.


But it's difficult to be flexible and fast, particularly during the week, if you work full time and have a family. In this instance, it might be worth employing an expert to find a home for you – someone like Zoa Arnel, who has lived and worked in Bristol all her life. "My background is in developing, building and buying and selling, and I have my own portfolio of properties that I let out. So, rather than coming from an estate agency, I am very experienced as a buyer," says Zoa, who lives in Easton-in-Gordano with her husband and two teenage children.


There are big, national companies who provide such a service, principally for the top end of the market, but Zoa is keen to help anyone and everyone. "I love property and I love searching for property and really love to help other people who are too busy to it themselves. "I got my first client through networking and since then I've had a real range of clients. For example, I've helped a couple who were both working full time; they had sold their place and really wanted to move in the Downend area last year, but as soon as property came on to the market it was gone. They called me for help because they couldn't go to viewings quickly, whereas I can.


"The second a property comes on to the market, or before if possible, I can go along, take lots of pictures and video and send the client all the details straight away. I can be in there with an offer sometimes the same day. "Usually, clients will view each property, but not if they live in a different part of the world I had some clients from Switzerland who wanted to rent somewhere in Bristol. I viewed a property for them in the morning, sent the details in the afternoon, and was able to put an offer in, which was accepted, on the same day. I knew they would love the property - it was an apartment in Portishead marina with great views - and they were really happy with it.


"It can be quite intense when I've got a client, but I love it. I love the interaction with people." Zoa's business is built on her ability to make friends and influence people – mostly estate agents. "I try and keep in regular contact with the agents so that they remember me all the time. I try to speak to whoever does the valuations and encourage them to contact me even before they've got the instruction," she explains. "The agents are aware that my clients are very serious buyers because they are paying someone to find them a property. "I have to think outside the box. I don't just sit there looking at properties listed online - the clients can do that themselves. I have to keep in contact with people I know in different parts of the city who keep their ears to the ground for me."



Having set up her company, Bristol Property Finders, almost three years ago, Zoa is asked for help from a range of buyers, not just those looking for high-end homes. She continues: "I want to help anyone who wants to find a property. People think that a property finder is just for people who want a £1m house, but most of the houses I've found have been between £200,000 and £800,000.


"People are busy and if you work full time and you've got children too, when do you find time to view homes? If you wait until the weekend very often the homes are gone, or else you're viewing with 10, 20 or more other people. "It is a very challenging market for buyers at the moment. I can help save time and, hopefully, save them a bit of money, too, because I can negotiate the asking price. Some people aren't confident negotiating and I can do it all for them.


"As soon as they've agreed the price I am in contact with the solicitor and every week or so I'll call to see if they are waiting for anything, which I can chase, or I can get quotes for things. I'm there to help throughout the process and I am sometimes a shoulder to cry on! "I've been through an awful lot of stressful situations when I'm buying property and I know where people are coming from - I can empathise."


If you need help searching for a property in Bristol or surrounding areas, please give us a call to see how we can help.

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"We moved from Switzerland and are really happy that we decided to hire Bristol Property Finders. Without Zoa's excellent work and commitment we would not be living in our lovely apartment.

Zoa is really dedicated and very quick to respond when we needed her advice. We found that, compared to other property finders, Bristol Property Finders offers a more personalized service.

We highly recommend Bristol Property Finders for finding a home around Bristol area."

Ms K Sarik and Mr R Pimenta